Mystery within mystery-the gateway to all marvelous wonders
— Lao Tzu

Private Lessons

Private lessons are often the best way to start a practice, or sharpen an already established one. They offer scheduling flexibility and give you and your teacher time to identify specific areas you would like to pursue. They are ideal if you have a specific health concern or a special learning situation; if you are less comfortable in a group setting; are new to the practice & process; or want a more personal interaction with your teacher. Many ongoing students schedule one or two private sessions each year to update their practice and unlock a challenging portion of the form.  We offer 30 minute and 55 minute sessions, home visits in special circumstances and distance learning. We recommend the initial session be 55 minutes so you and your instructor have a chance to understand your needs within this setting. 

What to Learn

You may learn any of our Qigong forms or Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in private sessions.  

  • For an introduction before jumping into group classes, one or two sessions would be perfect! 
  • If you would simply like a few techniques to personally help you calm down, breath and relax, a couple of sessions of Qigong will do the trick. 
  • For ongoing students, private lessons are a great way to crack that nut you have been chewing on for a while and to identify a specific biomechanical issue that might be hindering your practice. 
  • We also can work with you on a special occasion - calming down before a wedding, or speech, or before a chemotherapy treatment.
  • If you have a special health need such as Parkinson's or MS, we can discuss this in person to find the best approach. 
  • You may also choose to learn a longer form, such as the Luohan Gong or Taijiquan with private lessons.  Do keep in mind these longer more complex forms will need consistent home practice in-between lessons to receive the maximum benefit.
  • Sometimes we just don't know what we want. One private session that gives you an overview of what Qigong and Taijiquan are is a perfect way to clarify and hone in on which path to take at this time.

Give us a call (206) 789-0993 or email Kim for more details. 


You may schedule by contacting Kim.  


Initial 55 minute consultation $90
55 minute sessions $110
3 x 55 minutes session $297
30 minute sessions $65
3 x 30 minute sessions $197
Semi-private, additional fee for each person  $25
30 minute Skype Session: $50
3 x 30 minute Skype Sessions: $125
(Home visits will have an additional fee depending on location)

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Private Lessons

**All payments must be made in advance with a 24 hour cancellation notice for refund.