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Wuji Qigong, Tea & Song

Wuji (Primordial) Qigong was created by Zhang San Feng, a Daoist master and legendary  800 years ago, in the Wudang Mountains. This ancient magical Daoist qigong form combines circular movement, breathing and visualization, stimulating the flow of qi (vital force) for health, longevity and spiritual opening.

By working with the primal energies of the five directions and the qualities of each—(East: The Green Dragon, South: The Red Phoenix, West: TheWhiteTiger, North: The  Black Turtle and Center: The Yellow Dragon)—the practitioner is performing an energetic ritual that has been done for hundreds of years. The movements, done in a circling pattern, guide us into a powerful and primordial state of grace and healing. This class is open to beginners as well as experienced students of Qigong and will include basic Qigong theory, movement, Daoist cosmology, Daoist stories, music and healing meditation. And, of course, Tea! 

Solala Towler has been teaching qigong for 28 years. He has been the publisher of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice, since 1993. He has had 12 books on the Daoist arts published and has recorded four cd’s of meditation/qigong music. In addition, he is a founding board member of the National Qigong Association and leads tours to China to study Qigong and Meditation with Daoist teachers in the sacred Wudang Mountains.

June 2 & 3
Saturday, 10 am - 5pm;  Sunday 10 am - 4pm                                   

Earlier Event: May 17
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