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Harmonious Living Through the Guidance of Nature

Do you feel differently during different seasons? Do you prefer one Season over another? Do your physical, emotional and mental states of being shift from season to season?  The Chinese view these cycles that we call seasons as  ‘phases’ or a ‘movements’ of energy.  Because human beings are an inextricable part of nature, as with the Seasons, we also experience these energetic movements within ourselves. How can we work with the inherent and ever changing cycles within ourselves and our world to cultivate deeper balance in our health, relationships and place in the world? What does healthy and balanced mean? We know it’s going to be described differently by different people, but in the broadest sense it’s a sense of harmony, well being, and inner calm.

Join Eric Hartmann, L.Ac. in a day of playfully exploring all this. We will look at Chinese Medicine from the Worsely 5 Element perspective and delve into what it means to gain insight for ourselves into a healthy and balance life.   By looking through the cycles and lens of nature: Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Fall, the associated five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, and the linked virtues within ourselves and society: Wisdom, Kindness, Orderliness, Faithfulness, and Appropriateness we can expand our inner knowing and further this innate quest for a harmonious place of body, mind and spirit.  

Regardless of what body/mind/spirit system one practices, or if one is new to this exploration, the natural law of the 5 Elements can deepen our awareness of ourselves and our health.  This informal and interactive workshop is bound to deepen your connection to Nature and to your inner Nature!

Saturday, May 12
10 am - 4 pm (break for light lunch)

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Later Event: May 17
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