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Encountering Grief & Loss in Practice with Genjo Marinello, M.A.,CMHC

In her teaching, Kimberly Ivy has worked with many students who have died or have been in the process of dying. These students intentionally sought out or discovered through their practices, extremely valuable pragmatic tools to link their waning body to something bigger. A bridge from this world to the unknown mysterious ahead, a place to rest into the impending loss of what is known and a way to process grief, but still feel joy and beauty while still alive.  

Grief and loss are not just the emotional property of the dying. Many of us seek out a practice specifically to recover from trauma, from abuse, from loss of a loved one, or simply to find peace from chaotic social and environmental circumstances. Grief and loss, though personal for all of us, is one of the core fundamental collective experiences of being alive.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have it, we all bring it to, or at some point discover it on, the practice floor.  What then? 

And so, for the first time Kim is intentionally bringing this topic to the fore of our teacher training program with the intention of becoming more deeply present with ourselves and with others within the shared space of our practice.  Genjo Marinello, Psychotherapist, 40 Year Renzai Zen Practitioner, Dharma Heir and Osho of Chobo-ji Zendo, will facilitate this dialogue and share with us his insights from decades as both Zen Priest and Psychotherapist working with this sacred material. 

Because of the importance of this topic and its strong place in our personal, professional and social lives, Kim has decided to open the workshop to the public. 

Space is limited to 25 people, including the teachers, so if this topic interests you, please register soon.  

February 24, 11-4