Essence Qigong

Buddha and Squirrel

Essence Qigong is one of the many modern forms of Qigong. It was developed about 40 years ago by Professor Chen, Fu-yin as a method for practicing and experiencing the ‘essential’ characteristics of all categories of Qigong: Medical, Martial, Buddhist, Taoist and Confusion.  It is delightfully simple and restorative and is very good for those wishing a deeply meditative and intuitive approach to their practice. Practicing Essence Qigong is like taking an internal bath. It calms your mind, purifies your meridians, nourishes your internal organs, tonifies qi and opens spiritual centers. Though people of all ages and fitness levels practice this form, it is one of the forms that is highly recommended for people with special health concerns and limited mobility. 

After practicing and teaching Essence for almost 20 years, our instructor Kimberly Ivy was among a small group certified as Lineage Holders for Essence Qigong by Professor Chen Hui Xian. Kim can now certify others to instruct this form. This workshop is part one of that process. All are welcome to take this workshop and for those who wish to teach, it is a required part of the process. 

Saturday, July 29
9:30am - 4:30pm
$150 for General Public
$125 for Teacher Trainees

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Essence Qigong