We Know

(Ode to Women's World Cup Soccer Champions 2019)

I know you know
it was not just a game
played in France 
and watched all over 
the world 
In pubs and 
Living rooms

I know you know
it was not just a stunning display of 
Team work
Respect for each other

I know you know our screams
and hoarse voices we'll have
for a day or so
are not just because 
of fuchsia hair
and sweat dripping
and hips kicking

For that yes 
But not just for that
Our screams are 
From all of us who remember
when Title Nine was not
And we could not
But we kept on, regardless 

I know you know 
We scream because 
We pushed past all the no's
We stayed visible we defied 
Being invisible and bullied and ignored. We still
Sweated and were Brilliant and Loved and Respected each other. 

And we know Title Nine 
is not just about kicking a ball
But about defeating the real
Enemy: Being Silenced, Remaining Silent 
Hiding our Fierce Grace and Being Afraid
Never again. 

I know you know
They grabbed the torch we passed
Thrown forward with our generations of battered bodies and
Our determined souls and our bursting hearts
We did our part. 
Today we know
They know.