Pricing Value

This is my annual uncomfortable note to all people across the board who take classes with businesses like mine. Summer is a strain on us financially. So many people take off and of course don't sign up for classes. And yet, we have rent, utilities & taxes to pay. So many people say, "see you in the fall." Most of us say to ourselves, "sure if we are still here." 

If you are an ongoing student in a school/dojo/club that is a small business please consider making a "keep the lights on" donation to your organization even if you are not here in the summer. We never ask for it because we just can't. At the same time, I don't think most people quite understand the way our businesses work, which is not on a thick margin. Most of your dues go to expenses, not to our pockets. When the dues are not there, the expenses come out of our pockets. 

Most of us like myself who have been in business for a long time, plan for the lean times and are grateful for the students who pay whether they are there are not, and I do have several, thank you, you know who you are. But this is a bigger call. 

If you want folks like us to support you in your health & transformational endeavors then please pay your dues even if you aren't there. Compare your dues to your Netflix/Amazon Prime expenses. Seriously. You pay for those even when you don't use them, correct? Or something like that? Just so they are there when you do use them. So the value of Netflix is more than the value of a health/transformation class? I'm sure you don't think like that really, but can you see my point? Most of us are way beyond PhDs in our education, experience and commitment. But we do not bill out like that. We bill out at $15-20/hour; most of that is to expenses. What do you charge for your value? 

This is not about shaming or begging. This is about perspective and contemplating what we value and how we actively and consciously support what we value. This is about seeing those who work to bring that value into our lives, the sacrifices they make to support us. This is about how we can respond to and return that a bit. How we appreciate the value and support the value bringers. Sure there are things and activities that are fee for service, but are your transformational health classes really one of those things? Do you really just come to them every week and then forget about them? Or does your life change? Do you practice what you learned every day? Is your life and that of your community's better because of your involvement with the classes and the schools and the people in them? How would you feel if they were gone? Would you say to yourself, gee, I wish I might have found a way to help keep them going? 

My students will likely see this post and that is uncomfortable for me, but every year about this time I feel the need to speak this for all of us who are in this position. Dojo/school owners, please feel free to share.