Member Profiles - Paul Svrcek
I am originally from Montana and have lived in Seattle 10 years. I work for a local outdoor gear company managing the relationships with our overseas suppliers. My long-standing interest in other (particularly near-Asian) cultures have afforded me extensive travel in Asia for work and pleasure. My non-Tai Chi hobbies include biking, hiking, swimming and working on my “sanctuary” (cabin) on Vashon Island. My greatest blessing is my lovely wife, Adrienne.

I am (gulp) 50 years old and have been studying at Embrace The Moon for 9 years. I started studying because aside from my aforementioned interest in Asian cultures, years ago I had read that elderly people who practice Tai Chi are much less likely to fall and much more likely to remain physically able. I hope(d) that if I started early and stuck with it, I could hopefully increase my chances of the latter.

I am dedicated to the Luohan, but also keep my foot in (pardon the expression) Yang Style 108, simply because I have so much time invested in it and as a sort of “balance” to the Luohan (and because Kim-Sensei insists that I stay with it…). I cannot say that I actually “feel” chi moving as a result of my practice. But I do know that I always feel better after class or practice. It has allowed me to maintain my good physical balance and to improve my physical flexibility. As I have never been able to gain anything from sitting meditation, these practices serve that function for me as well.


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