Member Profiles - Cristian Andreas Amador

Chris Amador was born in Ecuador and is a dual national. He has an enormous extended family in Ecuador and a US family in Seattle and California. He has yet to discover his professional ambitions but his hobbies are clearly defined: X-Box, studying the life cycle of Dinosaurs and snakes, as well as swimming and traveling. Chris is 7 years old but if you ask him directly he will say 7.75!

Christian was the first Young Treasure of Embrace The Moon. His Grandfather, Tom, was looking for extra activities for Chris and since his joining the school almost 3 years ago both have found his Monday class to be a good source of exercise and physical development. Instructors Kim & Karin have also found Chris to be a very funny and spirited member of the class and are impressed by his growing capacity to meditate indefinitely. Because by summer’s end he will certainly be bigger & stronger than Kim, she is grateful he has also learned about respect and finesse along the way!

You can see a picture of Chris in a lovely “Single Whip” posture on the Classes page.


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