Member Profiles - Carol Ebersole
Little did I think when I attended my first Tai Chi class 8 years ago that I would have the pleasure of sharing the practice with my grandchildren some day. But that’s just what happened recently at Embrace The Moon in the Young Treasures class, when two of my grandchildren came to visit me. It was so much fun, a very special intergenerational experience.

What attracted me initially to Tai Chi was the flowing body movements, plus the expectation of good health and fitness into longevity. What I have gained is increased energy, a stronger body, and a way to focus my mind through movement. After each class I feel like my batteries have been recharged and my mind has been freed from stress.
Now that I am on the retirement side of my careers – teacher and psychotherapist – I have more time to devote to my practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Two years ago I discovered Embrace The Moon school, my good fortune indeed. Currently I enjoy classes in Tai Chi (Short & Long forms) and Qigong (18 Luohan). The teachers are excellent and the atmosphere is life enhancing. In my opinion these practices certainly are beneficial for living well and living long.

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