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“The human spirit is nourished by a sense of connectedness.”
Jerry Lynch &
Chungliang Al Huang

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Our Teachers

Chen Taijiquan
    Chen, Xiaowang
    Madame Gao Fu (RIP)

Yang Taijiquan
    Sam Masich
    Jane Hallander (RIP)
    David-Dorian Ross (Kim's first Taijiquan Teacher - Salute!)

    Don Leathers
(Kim's first Qigong Teacher - Salute!)
    Chen, Hui Xian (Soaring Crane)
    Gaspar Garcia (Luohan Qigong)

Other Highly Respected Teachers
Andy Dale (Taijiquan/Qigong)
   Bruce Bookman (Aikido)
   Aki Fleshler (Aikido)
 Holiday Johnson (Yoga)

Kim Ivy's Very First Teacher,
(Judo)- Salute!
Sensei Ken Carson

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Taijiquan & Qigong Locally & Around the World
World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Overall resource

Seattle Wushu Center West Seattle

Willow Moon Internal Arts Renton

Seattle Chen Tai Chi Seattle
Gilman Studio of Tai Chi Chuan Port Townsend
Massage, Posture & Movement Port Angeles

Bob Lau Taijiquan Bellingham
Northwest Tai Chi for Health Spokane
Taoist Sanctuary California

Chenjiagou Taijiquan USA Illinois

Chinese Boxing Institute Florida, Tennesse
Wuji Productions Hawaii

City of Lakes Tai Chi School Minnesota
The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School North Carolina
Qigong Association of America Oregon

Vanderbilt University Kung Fu Club Tennesse
Wu Dao Jing She Oregon

CXW World Taijiquan Association German Branch

CXW World Taijiquan Association Brazil Branch

Eduardo Molon Brazil

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Professionals Endorsed by Kimberly Ivy

These are trusted practitioners I know well personally either through their work with me or my students. I will only endorse practitioners whom I know in this way.

Physical Therapy:
   Stretch Physcial Therapy
   David Gross Physical Therapy (206) 527-8628

Personal Training:
   Joe DeShaw

Chi Running & Walking:
   Feel The Run

   Ruth Lewing, LMP
   Olivier D'Hose, LMP

   Jackie Close, L.Ac.
   Jonathan Gissel, MS, L.Ac. (also cranial sacral)
   David Tucker, MS, LMP, L.Ac. (also massage)
   Amy Fasig, ND

Enjoyment & Relaxation:

Floating Leaves Tea

Korean Woman's Spa

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Creative Resources

Web Design & Assistance:
    Jen Domier
    Originator of this website: Karen Stearns, retired

Photo Credits - Professional:
    Fritz Dent: Embrace the Moon photo logo
    Noah Overby: Embrace the Moon woodcut logo
    James Frank: Qigong in Colorado Aspens

Photo Credits - Amateur:
    Betty Dong: Waterfall
    John Warner: Kim in China (bio page)
    Kim Ivy: other

All photos copyright©2014 Embrace the Moon, Inc. except Master Chen Xiao Wang, Yoga & Waterfall used by permission.

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